OLQE Testimonials

I had to sit four examinations and passed all on my first attempt. Early in my preparation I had considered doing self-studies but am glad that I ultimately chose IP Learning as my course provider. IP Learning course materials and lectures provide just the right amount of context to what is otherwise an ambitious syllabus, so that I was able to grasp key principles in a short time span. Understanding the big picture is one key to success in these open book examinations - IP Learning helped me achieve that.
IP Learning also provided the flexibility that I needed as I relocated from a different continent during my preparation. I was still overseas in a different time zone and working full time as the course began, so it was crucial for me to be able to access the study materials, lectures and recordings online during this critical period. Thanks to IP Learning, my transition was seamless and did not affect my preparation.

Tiffany Tsun

“I would not have been able to pass my OLQE without IP Learning.
The course was well-structured with sufficient time to cover all the course materials and revision sessions. Each session was comprehensive and consistent, and should I be unable to attend a class, the flexibility that was provided to students was extremely helpful as I had to balance a full time job simultaneously. Further the notes were of an excellent standard, making it very easy to follow and a perfect accompaniment to my understanding.
Thank you!”

Alison Asome, Hart Giles

“I sat and passed the Conveyancing head while working full time on my first attempt. The IP Learning Course is flexible and allows me to attend the classes in person or online, and I am able to listen the recorded lectures from time to time.
I highly recommend IP Learning as a course provider for the OLQE.”

Vincent Chan, Appleby

"I highly recommend IP Learning. The interactive seminars can be attended in person or accessed online (both the live and the recorded versions). The course notes are concise and the lectures very well organized to cover the full syllabus for each Head within a short space of time. The Course was also fun. The "Who Wants to be a Millionaire Hong Kong Solicitor" tests were highly entertaining and something to look forward to.

D. Lee, Full Course Candidate

"The IP Learning course was crucial to my success in the OLQE. The course materials were very clear and easy to follow and the seminars focused on teaching us the information that we would need to know to pass the exam. Colin Wright presented information in a very clear and concise way, with a lot of emphasis on examination technique. Colin was always available to help and support us and even distributed extra handouts and held additional revision classes before the exam. Colin's kind assistance continued after the exam, when he agreed to move my admission at the Court. I would recommend IP Learning to future OLQE candidates."

Ross Mackenzie, Associate General Counsel HSBC, Full Course Candidate

"I passed all three heads that I was required to take with only two months of preparation and could not have done it without IP Learning. Colin Wright's dedication and teaching inspired me to keep my nose to the grindstone. Ray Pierce's method of teaching Professional Conduct was the perfect way to prepare for the subject. The practice exams were very helpful for calibrating my approach to the OLQE. I also was honoured to have Colin appear in Court to move my admission as a Hong Kong solicitor."

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Full Course Candidate

"I recommend IP Learning as a course provider for the OLQE, I sat for and passed Head I of the 2011 OLQE while working full-time, and it was my first attempt. The course allowed us the flexibility of attending classes online remotely and further allowed us to revisit online the recorded classes. The interactive style of teaching ensured that classes were never dry and helped us to remember the substantive law more easily. The classes also focused on exam technique, which is crucial, given the time constraints of the exam. The mock exam conducted near the end of the course also gave us a chance to test our knowledge of the substantive law and exam technique in simulated exam conditions, which I think was very important in preparing for the exam."

Bek Ngee Boon, Full Course Candidate

“Having to pass four Heads of the OLQE on top of working full-time during the day can be a real challenge given the large amount of knowledge OLQE candidates need to study in order to pass.

IP Learning is exam focused and made learning the requisite legal knowledge within a short period of time more palatable. IP Learning’s lecturers and tutors were very helpful and quick in responding to candidates’ queries via live lectures and emails. The course materials were well organized, structured and concise which made application of HK law in an exam situation easier.

I would recommend IP Learning to all future OLQE candidates.”

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Full Course Candidate

“IP Learning was absolutely instrumental in my ability to pass my Head 1 Exam on the first try! IP Learning’s systematic and pragmatic approach, comprehensive resources, friendly administrative support; and of course Colin Wright’s masterful mentoring allowed me to successfully juggle an extremely busy work and personal schedule to overcome a demanding exam. Thanks for everything, IP Learning and Colin!”

Ivan Tan, Stephenson Harwood, Full Course Candidate

“The lecturers at IP Learning were dedicated and kept us on our toes right till the exams. The focus was on examination techniques, which is the key to passing the OLQE examination. The team at IP Learning was responsive and friendly, which was a big plus.”

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Full Course Candidate

“IP Learning’s Preparatory Course for the OLQE is excellent. Colin Wright and the other lecturers are fantastic and guided us through all the complex examinable issues. The classes were extremely practical and focused on examination technique and problem solving. The course materials are comprehensive, up-to-date and specifically designed to tackle the OLQE. The pre-recorded lectures also provided another invaluable tool for our exam preparation. All the lecturers were always available to help and support us and even distributed extra handouts and held additional revision classes before the exams. I highly recommend IP Learning to anyone who intends to sit the OLQE exams.”

Lawyer at Hong Kong Law Firm

“I would whole heartedly recommend IP Learning to anyone preparing to take the OLQE.

I sat the OLQE in 2009 and actually changed providers to IP Learning half way through the Course. My only regret is that I didn’t start studying with IP Learning from the very beginning.

IP Learning’s main lecturer, Colin Wright, was absolutely fantastic - he explained complex topics in simple terms and gave us excellent training on how to apply the law to the exam questions. The interactive style of teaching worked brilliantly and we were encouraged to ask questions and give feedback on the topics as we went along.

The course materials were well organised, very detailed and easy to navigate around. The ‘update summary on recent cases’ distributed in advance of the exam, was a godsend, as was the mock exam that was created from scratch by IP Learning and a real challenge/test run. Everyone based at IP Learning was very friendly and always had time for the candidates. What stands out about IP Learning is that they genuinely care and fully support their candidates all the way up to the exam, even holding extra revision classes at weekends when requested. They also contacted us after the exam to see how we had found it, which was a lovely touch.”

Lisa De’Ath, Healthcare Lawyer, Richards Butler, Full Course Candidate

"A fantastic course! Despite only signing up as a distance learning candidate five weeks before the exam, IP Learning got me up to speed fast and gave me all the support I needed to pass Heads 1-4 on the first try."

Robert Williams, Distance Course Candidate, USA

"I started IP Learning’s Course as a distance student at the end of August and sat and passed all four Heads less than two and a half months thereafter. While I could simply say “res ipsa loquitur”, I would add that IP Learning’s notes, particularly those for Head III, will be of great use to me as a solicitor in Hong Kong and that I enjoyed the casual but extremely helpful interactive revision sessions."

Caroline Thomas, Distance Course Candidate

“I passed all four Heads having studied with IP Learning by distance learning. The lecturers have an engaging style and the seminars were well planned and easy to follow. I particularly valued IP Learning’s summary style notes which provide just the information you need to turn to quickly in the exam. I would thoroughly recommend IP Learning.”

Nigel Sharman, Distance Course Candidate

“You do not have to live in Hong Kong to pass the OLQE. The flexibility of the course offered by IP Learning enabled me to stay at home in Australia whilst I listened to the recorded lectures and email (email Q & A service) any questions I had. The IP Learning team worked tirelessly all the way up until the evening before the exam to address my concerns and to provide suggested solutions to possible exam questions. From the outset of the very first lecture the emphasis was on passing the exam. The interaction between the seminar leaders and the students is very personable. They really do care and given their vast experience know what it takes to get through the OLQE. With the help of the IP Learning Team, I passed. I highly recommend the IP Learning Team to anyone who wishes to pass the OLQE whilst staying at home studying.”

Greg Spain, Distance Course Candidate, Australia

“IP Learning with their all-star teaching team was the major reason I passed all four Heads of the OLQE on the first go. Colin Wright is the extremely knowledgeable barrister who goes all out for his students. Ray Pierce is the charismatic policeman turned barrister that breathes life into criminal law. Together, they prepared me to face OLQE with utmost confidence. I recommend IP Learning with unreserved enthusiasm.”

Charles Chan, Wilkinson & Grist, Full Course Candidate

“What stood out for me was the quality of IP Learning’s lecturers Colin Wright, Ray Pierce, John Brewer and Connie Carmichael. I’m not referring just to their CVs (which are impressive too), but to the sheer intelligence with which IP Learning’s tutors aimed their courses at helping you pass the exams. It was so helpful to be constantly reminded of the ways in which information might be presented in the exams and then, after being encouraged to think through answers first, being given suggested solutions. In tandem with this would be constant tips on how to get ‘easy marks’.

In addition, IP Learning is an all-round smart organisation and the design of the whole program maximized my chances of passing. It was nice to see that everybody concerned was pulling in the same direction. The exams were incredibly stressful. I have no doubt that the training in exam technique, assistance and knowledge provided by IP Learning were a major factor in me passing all four exams at the first attempt.”

Ian Johnston, Simmons & Simmons, Full Course Candidate

“From the very first day, we were ridiculously pampered (recordings to catch up on missed lectures, course administrators eager to clarify our doubts, comprehensive lecture notes) and well-fed (nice array of snacks to last those lectures). All that was really lacking was a chauffeur to drive us to class.”

Boon Teck Yeo, Herbert Smith, Full Course Candidate