OLQE Testimonials

“I have studied with each of the three different teaching providers for the OLQE in Hong Kong, but IP Learning stands out as my top choice. All of my registered courses were taught by Colin Wright, who has become my favourite lecturer outside of law school. His teaching style strikes a good balance between practical techniques and academic knowledge, which I believe is the most effective approach for preparing for an open book exam.

“Colin is a seasoned veteran in the legal communities of both Hong Kong and the UK and offered us valuable insights (and entertaining jokes) on many significant legislations and cases. He is also eloquent in his delivery, genuinely cares about his students and always available and patient in answering questions. I am truly grateful to him and his exceptional team.”

Corey Zhang, King & Wood Mallesons, Class of 2023

"IP Learning are second to none at getting candidates through the OLQE. Colin Wright's unfailingly enthusiastic teaching brings each exam topic to life, making the course easy to absorb. IP Learning’s course materials are comprehensive and easy to digest, which meant I could rely on them to get me through the exams whilst juggling a full time job and all of life's other obligations. Colin and the admin team headed by Chak Leung are extremely responsive and helpful with regards to any individual questions and requests. Thank you very much".

Lee Landale, Holman Fenwick Willan, Class of 2023

IP Learning is a fantastic OLQE course provider. The quality of the lecturers, coordinator and course preparation materials is top-notch. All the lecturers are highly experienced in teaching the OLQE subjects, and I would particularly commend the main lecturer Colin for being extremely thoughtful and responsive (in addition to his legal knowledge, which is beyond question to start with) who will stay with his tutees up until each and every single exam, responding to last-minute questions. In addition to the initial course materials, IP Learning also provides further refined notes closer to the exams for certain Heads which I found to be very helpful to consolidate knowledge and focus my mind on the types of questions that may come up in the exams. The lecturers would also go through a large number of past paper questions leading up to the exams, which again was extremely helpful.

I can truthfully say that it would have been impossible to pass all 5 Heads whilst working full-time without the fabulous team at IP Learning. I would highly recommend IP Learning to anyone taking the OLQE exams.

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2023

“Thank you, IP Learning for enabling me to pass all 5 Heads at my first attempt! I had started studying late with a two and a half month timeline. The structured learning programme delivered in an engaging manner, the convenience of assessing recordings of past lectures and the comprehensive exam-focused materials provided by IP Learning were all crucial to my success. The lecturers are also very helpful in responding to queries. You feel like you are supported throughout the entire study process leading up to the examinations.”

C. Yap, Independent Legal Consultant, Class of 2023

“I recommend IP Learning as a course provider for the OLQE, I passed all five heads that I took with only six months study and I could not have done it without IP learning. The lessons were informative and extremely helpful. The course materials were well organized, very detailed and easy to navigate around. Colin’s tuition was vital to passing the OLQE, His deep knowledge of the law is impressive. I would recommend IP learning to anyone who sitting the OLQE.”

Janet Tang, Partner at international law firm, Class of 2023

“Colin Wright and IP Learning’s other tutors are extremely knowledgeable on the subject laws and have a profound understanding about the OLQE and how one should approach the questions set by the examiners. IP Learning’s tutors give very practical advice on how to handle each question which were invaluable for me. The course materials are well prepared and the seminars well designed and paced which show the depth of experience IP Learning has of teaching the OLQE. All the course materials and seminars are available online which I found particularly helpful when I missed an interactive seminar due to other commitments. All the tutors are very responsive and answer questions quickly so you would always feel being supported. I highly recommend IP Learning.”

Partner at a Hong Kong Law Firm, Class of 2023

“I have little prior knowledge of common law, so for me IP Learning was not just an exam preparation course but also a valuable introduction to the Hong Kong legal system. The seminars and notes delivered by Colin, Connie and Ray were very inspiring and would be of great help to candidates even with busy work schedules. I would highly appreciate IP Learning's help throughout the entire OLQE process.”

Tang Xu, PRC Lawyer, Class of 2023

“Head IV of the OLQE is a notoriously difficult exam. But I was able to pass thanks to the excellent guidance and lectures from Connie Carmichael on Accounting and Colin Wright on Professional Conduct. They are very knowledgeable and taught me what I needed to know to pass. I would recommend IP Learning for full-time lawyers looking to tackle the OLQE.”

Lawyer at an International Law Firm, Class of 2023

“Taking the IP Learning Course was a key factor in my ability to pass all five OLQE exams on my first attempt. The course materials provided by IP Learning were comprehensive and very helpful in my study process. IP Learning’s excellent lecturers and their ability to guide students through past exam questions significantly contributed to my understanding of the subject matter. The course administration, managed by Chak and Daniel, was efficient and well-organised, which facilitated a smooth learning experience.

“The IP Learning lecturers were also very approachable and responsive to questions. The lecturers provided valuable feedback on draft exam responses, which helped me refine my approach to answering exam questions. IP Learning’s suggested solutions for the exam papers were also practical and focused, aiding in my exam preparation. Overall, my experience with IP Learning was extremely positive, and I found the support and instruction provided by the entire IP Learning team to be very beneficial.”

Elizabeth Chan, Tanner De Witt Hong Kong, Class of 2023

“If you are a busy lawyer looking for a service provider to help you pass the OLQE, look no further. Colin Wright and his team of lecturers at IP Learning give you exactly what you need – materials, classes and techniques focused on preparing you for the exams. Technical and academic enough to make learning interesting; yet organised and practical enough so that you are ready for exam questions with minimal effort.”

Senior lawyer, International Law Firm, Class of 2023

“Colin Wright is an excellent tutor who adopts a principles-based approach to learning and is an engaging presenter with a splendidly dry sense of humour that brings relevance to the materials. More generally, I particularly valued the flexibility the IP Learning sessions offer in attending in-person or remotely but also the ability to catch-up by watching recordings when scheduling conflicts meant I could not attend. One can engage in answering questions / entering into discussions in the live sessions but they are also very easy to follow after the event. The mock exam feedback was invaluable and Colin was kindly very flexible in marking this for me in a short space of time, which I hugely appreciated.”

Nathaniel Crowley, Local Partner of White & Case LLP, Class of 2023

I passed all 6 Heads for the OLQE 2022 in one go. IP Learning’s excellent teaching team led by Mr. Colin Wright is one of the main reasons that I was able to pass all the heads. Due to my work schedule and the Covid pandemic, I could only attend online (through both the live and the recorded videos). However, the course materials as well as the past paper answer samples are clear, comprehensive and easy to understand. The interactive session for Head V Common Law conducted by Mr. Colin Wright is quite similar to the real exam.

Mr. Li, a Senior Associate at an international law firm, Class of 2022

I participated in IP Learning's Preparatory Course for OLQE with a full-time job, and fortunately passed all the heads at once. The notes of the course were complete and deep enough to pass the exams. Colin has offered the best seminars always and Chak has been answering all my questions about the exams. Thank you very much! IP learning helped me a lot on the way to become a qualified Hong Kong solicitor, and I am sure I couldn't complete OLQE so smoothly without it.

Sharon Wang, Beijing Dentons Law Offices, LLP, Class of 2022

The IP Learning Course has been invaluable to my success in the OLQE. The Course allowed us the flexibility of attending classes online remotely and further allowed us to revisit online the recorded classes. The notes provide a succinct summary of the legal knowledge required for taking each Head and the guidance on the past exam papers are extremely helpful for me to master the technique in drafting answers to the essay questions. I would definitely recommend IP Learning to candidates who will take OLQE.

Partner of an International Firm, Class of 2022

I was introduced by a work colleague to IP learning. I was very busy and didn't have much time to prepare for the exams. IP learning has been very helpful with course preparation materials and very supportive with procedure issues required by Law Society of Hong Kong. And they have ensured that I passed all the exams that I was required to sit.

Sophie Chen, Gilbert + Tobin, Class of 2021

I dare say I won’t be able to pass my OLQE without studying with IP Learning. The course materials and mock solutions were very helpful and thorough, guiding me step-by-step during my study period. This is a highly recommended course provider for anyone who needs to sit OLQE and only have limited time to study!

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2021

The path through the HK OLQE is notoriously difficult. Although big firms typically sponsor associates and cover their training, as an independent attorney, I had to pave my own way. IP Learning made this process manageable.

Their instruction and study materials were thorough and organized. Balancing the sessions with a working schedule was made possible because all handouts were distributed as PDFs and sessions were recorded. The instructors had many years of experience with the exam, which gave them a lot of insight into the "tricky" parts of the exam and allowed them to provide guidance on what the graders were looking for.

Simply put, I would not have been able to pass without IP Learning.

E.T.Cook, Cheung Cook Law Firm, Class of 2020

IP Learning provided me with the much-required guidance to pass the OLQE in one attempt. The course material is clear, concise, and updated. All the instructors are forthcoming with help. Colin was always there for us right till the end which made a huge difference to my morale. Colin’s style of instruction brought about an ease to the mammoth task that OLQE can be especially when one is also working full-time and has no exemptions. I highly recommend IP Learning to all OLQE candidates.

Kritika Sethia, Legal Analyst, Gall Solicitors, Class of 2020

My heartfelt thanks to Colin’s coaching. I would not have passed all six Heads of OLQE in my first attempt without his teaching and guidance. I highly recommend IP Learning to future OLQE candidates.

Senior Partner at International PRC Law Firm, Class of 2020

I knew I needed some help during my self-revision and I am so glad that I chose IP Learning to help me prepare for the OLQE Head II paper. I applied late into the course and the team at IP Learning quickly made the necessary arrangements to get me back on track on revision routine. Benny and Colin were amazing tutors. Their knowledge of the law, tips for exam techniques and dedication to helping students understand the fundamentals make IP Learning the perfect choice for any potential candidate seeking to take the OLQE.

I would also like to thank the Admin Team for helping me organise the notes and making arrangements for us candidates to borrow the white book. A big thank you to the team at IP Learning for going the extra mile!

Sarah Lim, Associate at Sidley Austin, Class of 2020

IP learning and their faculty members are the major reason that I passed all 4 heads of the OLQE course which I was required to take. The course material was up to date, exam oriented and very informative.

I would recommend IP learning to all the prospective OLQE students. If you want to clear OLQE exams with your busy work schedule IP is the place where you can pass the exam in spite if your hectic work schedule.

My special thanks to Colin who helped me to make sure my application for the OLQE exam go through in spite of initial rejection from the Law Society.

Colin is a wonderful mentor and his knowledge is in depth and would make sure to help you in all the possible way.

Kajal Shah, Ruby Yueng & Co, Class of 2019

I signed on with IP Learning to prepare for the 2019 OLQE exams. The great thing about this programme is that all of Colin's lectures are loaded online for later access, and also the succinct notes that highlights the most important points for the exams. I found it possible to balance full time work with OLQE preparations by judiciously selecting key portions of the lectures to listen to, and focusing on topics that would most likely be examinable. I ultimately only ended up going down for 3 physical lessons and still managed a pass. I would recommend this programme for its focus and flexibility.

Joshua, Fangda Partners, Class of 2019

I would like to thank Colin Wright and the IP Learning teaching team for helping me to pass all heads of OLQE in 2019. Colin and his teaching team have thorough understanding of the examination that helped me to understand the examiners' expectations. In addition to the well-structured seminars and the comprehensive course notes, the mock papers and the lecturers' remarks therein were invaluable. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is going to sit the OLQE.

Vivian Cheung, Infinitus Property Investment, Class of 2019

The IP Learning team and tutors have provided absolutely indispensable support and preparation framework. I was required to sit all six heads and passed, including the last oral head in principles of common law. Colin's seminars were thoughtfully planned and interactive, enabling the candidates to practice the exam scenarios, in particular for the oral head. I thought the notes were particularly useful; they were a valuable reference material during the exams. I greatly enjoyed the criminal procedure course.

Olga Boltenko, Partner, Fangda Partners, Class of 2019

This course run by Colin Wright is absolutely essential for anyone taking the OLQE. The course materials are extremely well put together and the lectures are delivered in a clear and comprehensive manner. What really stands out though is the targeted exam guidance and practice. Colin knows exactly what sort of questions are likely to come out and spends significant amounts of time making sure that you know how to structure your answers and hit all the key points. To pass these exams you need to know more than just the subject-matter; you need to know exactly how to answer the questions and know what the examiners are looking for. Because the course materials are so thorough there is no need to buy additional materials or read further into the subjects. I would absolutely recommend IP Learning for the OLQE.

Vanessa Duff, Family Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2019

I would highly recommend IP learning. Class recording certainly made it much easier to keep up with the schedule. The Class organiser is always responsive and helpful. Tutors’ approach is practical, with clear guidance and support.

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2018

The IP Learning course has been invaluable to my success in the OLQE. The practical teaching style, with significant focus on exam technique, was essential in preparing for academically challenging papers. The breadth of knowledge and experience of what examiners are looking to test and how Hong Kong black letter law should be applied in each Head was key to achieving a positive outcome. Thoroughly recommended.

Alastair Long, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co, Class of 2018

I can confidently say that I would not have passed the OLQE course without IP Learning’s teaching and support. The lessons were informative and extremely helpful and the written materials were first rate.

Benjamin Bury, Partner at International Law Firm, Class of 2018

Colin Wright`s guidance was invaluable in helping me pass the required heads of the OLQE, including the Conveyancing paper. He has a deep understanding of both the syllabus and the relevant law, and is able to explain issues in a clear and concise way. His principles based approach to the tutorials quickly got our group up to speed on the subjects and making good progress with past and example papers. His flexibility on timing of tutorials was invaluable for busy practitioners. He is also a most entertaining and engaging tutor which helps hugely. I have no hesitation in recommending Colin and IP Learning to OLQE candidates.

Partner, International Law Firm, Class of 2018

It is definitely not an easy task to pass all six Heads of OLQE, especially for a full-time working mom of a toddler. The notes are well-organized and summarized, so that it is much easier for a “layman” of conveyancing to understand the legal issues and then find the information necessary to answer the questions quickly in the exam. The suggested answers to certain typical questions of past papers prepared by lecturers have been proved to be very helpful, as they make you have the chance to consider your own answers / answering style & logic, so as to improve your exam technique. There is no doubt that, the legal knowledge, examination technique and way of thinking and assistance provided by IP Learning was a major factor of my passing of all Heads.

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2017

Colin’s tuition was vital to passing the OLQE. His deep knowledge of the law is
impressive and his flexibility to fit in tutorials around busy periods of work was
much appreciated. I would recommend IP Learning to anyone sitting the OLQE.

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2017

I would strongly recommend IP Learning to anyone taking the OLQE.
Their faculty is comprised of elite instructors who are very supportive and
thoughtful in their teaching style. The course material has been split up in a way
that is manageable and not too overwhelming. The entire team at IP Learning puts
a genuine effort in making the sessions well-organised, easy to follow and
They also focus more specifically on the examination technique which allows you
to effectively optimize your study time. As a full-time employee at Gall while
taking the OLQE, I particularly liked the flexibility of logging in and attending live
or pre-recorded lectures.

Ashima Sood, Gall, Class of 2016

I was required to take Head IV and Head V as a Registered Foreign Lawyer from a
Civil Law Jurisdiction. I would especially like to highlight the preparation course
for the Head V, in which IP learning provided me within less than 10 days with
enough material and information to pass the four subjects that are tested in Head V.
Classes were scheduled by IP learning within a very short notice period depending
on the availability of the candidates, including classes on weekend ends, and this
shows the commitment of the IP Learning personal, in order to prepare their
candidates as best as possible.

Stefan Schmierer, Lorenz & Partners Co. Ltd, Class of 2016

“IP Learning’s flexibility and materials helped me pass all the subjects for the
OLQE. I wouldn’t be able to do it without their professional help.”

Jennifer Cheung, Class of 2016

“How can I describe my experience with IP Learning? In one word - AMAZING!
IP Learning’s teaching methods were absolutely brilliant and allowed me to
understand quickly and retain the vast study materials that I needed to study. The
use of humour and the friendly atmosphere decreased the stress of studying for the
The course notes were exactly what a candidate needs - concise, clear and to the
point! The mock exams were very close to what I got in the real OLQE. Therefore
on the actual examination days I was full prepared and ready and not at all
surprised by the questions.
The IP Learning staff team was always friendly, responsive and encouraging,
whether in person or via phone and e-mail.
I strongly recommend IP Learning to any candidate who is interested in sitting the
OLQE and I am sure that he or she will receive the same preparation and service
that I have received.
Thank you IP Learning for this journey - I could not have passed it without you!”

Yoram Woliner, Israeli qualified Lawyer, Class of 2015

“IP Learning gives you all the tools you need to pass the OLQE in the most
efficient manner with the shortest possible amount of preparation time. The course
materials were concise, well written and carefully tailored to the requirements of
the open book examination. The lectures focused on what you needed to pass the
exam, and the interactive sessions reinforced key concepts. All the lecturers were
also very responsive to your questions even though they have busy day jobs.
Coming from the USA, I did not have any previous exposure to many of the legal
concepts which are part of Hong Kong law, but after taking the IP Learning course,
I not only passed all 5 heads, but I also gained the knowledge and skills I needed to
function effectively as a solicitor in Hong Kong."

Charles Wu, US attorney practising with international law firm, Class of 2015

“I chose IP Learning because they care about you actually passing the OLQE. They
will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you are fully prepared. I
compared IP Learning with the other main provider of OLQE preparatory courses -
and IP Learning really stood in terms of service, attention to detail and competitive
My view is that personal service and caring is a lost art and is especially important
for exams like this. I can tell you that the pass rate in my class at IP Learning was
phenomenal - thus, I strongly believe that there is a high correlation between the
level of service and pass rate. Also, throw in that IP Learning is better value than
the other provider I compared, then it is a pretty obvious choice.
Also, I want to give a shout out to the staff at IP Learning who made sure that you
have the right materials, right information, right schedule and right documentation.
IP Learning’s attentive staff are a big factor as to why I think IP Learning are better
than the competition.
If I was a law firm having to pay a service provider to train my new lawyers, I
would look at these intangibles plus the bottom line. I would recommend all
candidates for the OLQE to take IP Leaning’s Course."

D Lee, Cowell China, Class of 2015

“I was extremely pleased with the results I had with IP Learning as I passed both
Head IV (Accounts and Professional Responsibility) and Head VI (Constitutional
Law) after attending their OLQE preparation course. I turned to IP Learning after
not achieving success with the other main provider of preparatory courses. The
lecturers did a fantastic job in preparing us through a combination of mock exams,
quizzes and entertaining lectures. I highly recommend IP Learning."

Mark Chu, Covington & Burling, LLP, Class of 2015

“I would recommend IP Learning as your course provider for the OLQE. I passed all the Heads first
time with the guidance of IP Learning. The course notes were very helpful and
provided me with sufficient knowledge to pass each head. The course was intense
but lecturers were happy to share their expert knowledge to ease away any
concerns I had. I found the feedback to the mock exams invaluable and it made me
realise the flaws I had to work on before the actual exams. Without this great team
of people, including the tremendously friendly and accommodating admin staff, I
may not have been able to pass all four heads in one attempt. I continue to be
appreciative of their support and advice.”

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2014

“I do not think I could have passed my Heads I and IV exams on my first attempt
without IP Learning. I had to juggle working full time and family obligations
(with two primary age children) while preparing for my OLQE and I was only able
to take a few days off from work before each exam. I was able to attend most of
the classes in person or online. The class time and well organized course materials
were so well presented that I was able to pass the exams after preparing a simple
outline myself without having enough time to study. I would highly recommend IP
Learning to other OLQE candidates.”

Sonia Lee, Hang Seng Bank, Class of 2014

I had to sit four examinations and passed all on my first attempt. Early in my preparation I had considered doing self-studies but am glad that I ultimately chose IP Learning as my course provider. IP Learning course materials and lectures provide just the right amount of context to what is otherwise an ambitious syllabus, so that I was able to grasp key principles in a short time span. Understanding the big picture is one key to success in these open book examinations - IP Learning helped me achieve that.
IP Learning also provided the flexibility that I needed as I relocated from a different continent during my preparation. I was still overseas in a different time zone and working full time as the course began, so it was crucial for me to be able to access the study materials, lectures and recordings online during this critical period. Thanks to IP Learning, my transition was seamless and did not affect my preparation.

Tiffany Tsun, Class of 2013

“I would not have been able to pass my OLQE without IP Learning.
The course was well-structured with sufficient time to cover all the course materials and revision sessions. Each session was comprehensive and consistent, and should I be unable to attend a class, the flexibility that was provided to students was extremely helpful as I had to balance a full time job simultaneously. Further the notes were of an excellent standard, making it very easy to follow and a perfect accompaniment to my understanding.
Thank you!”

Alison Asome, Hart Giles, Class of 2013

“I sat and passed the Conveyancing head while working full time on my first attempt. The IP Learning Course is flexible and allows me to attend the classes in person or online, and I am able to listen the recorded lectures from time to time.
I highly recommend IP Learning as a course provider for the OLQE.”

Vincent Chan, Appleby, Class of 2013

"I passed all three heads that I was required to take with only two months of preparation and could not have done it without IP Learning. Colin Wright's dedication and teaching inspired me to keep my nose to the grindstone. The practice exams were very helpful for calibrating my approach to the OLQE. I also was honoured to have Colin appear in Court to move my admission as a Hong Kong solicitor."

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2012

"I highly recommend IP Learning. The interactive seminars can be attended in person or accessed online (both the live and the recorded versions). The course notes are concise and the lectures very well organized to cover the full syllabus for each Head within a short space of time. The Course was also fun. The "Who Wants to be a Millionaire Hong Kong Solicitor" tests were highly entertaining and something to look forward to.

D. Lee, Class of 2011

"The IP Learning course was crucial to my success in the OLQE. The course materials were very clear and easy to follow and the seminars focused on teaching us the information that we would need to know to pass the exam. Colin Wright presented information in a very clear and concise way, with a lot of emphasis on examination technique. Colin was always available to help and support us and even distributed extra handouts and held additional revision classes before the exam. Colin's kind assistance continued after the exam, when he agreed to move my admission at the Court. I would recommend IP Learning to future OLQE candidates."

Ross Mackenzie, Associate General Counsel HSBC, Class of 2011

"I recommend IP Learning as a course provider for the OLQE, I sat for and passed the OLQE while working full-time, and it was my first attempt. The course allowed us the flexibility of attending classes online remotely and further allowed us to revisit online the recorded classes. The interactive style of teaching ensured that classes were never dry and helped us to remember the substantive law more easily. The classes also focused on exam technique, which is crucial, given the time constraints of the exam. The mock exam conducted near the end of the course also gave us a chance to test our knowledge of the substantive law and exam technique in simulated exam conditions, which I think was very important in preparing for the exam."

Bek Ngee Boon, Class of 2011

IP Learning's Preparatory Course for the OLQE is excellent. Colin Wright and the
other lecturers are fantastic and guided us through all the complex examinable
issues. The classes were extremely practical and focused on examination technique
and problem solving. The course materials are comprehensive, up-to-date and
specifically designed to tackle the OLQE. The pre-recorded lectures also provided
another invaluable tool for our exam preparation. All the lecturers were always
available to help and support us and even distributed extra handouts and held
additional revision classes before the exams. I highly recommend IP Learning to
anyone who intends to sit the OLQE exams!

Barbara Cerioli, Class of 2010

“Having to pass all Heads of the OLQE on top of working full-time during the day can be a real challenge given the large amount of knowledge OLQE candidates need to study in order to pass.

IP Learning is exam focused and made learning the requisite legal knowledge within a short period of time more palatable. IP Learning’s lecturers and tutors were very helpful and quick in responding to candidates’ queries via live lectures and emails. The course materials were well organized, structured and concise which made application of HK law in an exam situation easier.

I would recommend IP Learning to all future OLQE candidates.”

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2010

“IP Learning was absolutely instrumental in my ability to pass the Conveyancing Exam on the first try! IP Learning’s systematic and pragmatic approach, comprehensive resources, friendly administrative support; and of course Colin Wright’s masterful mentoring allowed me to successfully juggle an extremely busy work and personal schedule to overcome a demanding exam. Thanks for everything, IP Learning and Colin!”

Ivan Tan, Stephenson Harwood, Class of 2010

“The lecturers at IP Learning were dedicated and kept us on our toes right till the exams. The focus was on examination techniques, which is the key to passing the OLQE examination. The team at IP Learning was responsive and friendly, which was a big plus.”

Lawyer at International Law Firm, Class of 2010

“IP Learning’s Preparatory Course for the OLQE is excellent. Colin Wright and the other lecturers are fantastic and guided us through all the complex examinable issues. The classes were extremely practical and focused on examination technique and problem solving. The course materials are comprehensive, up-to-date and specifically designed to tackle the OLQE. The pre-recorded lectures also provided another invaluable tool for our exam preparation. All the lecturers were always available to help and support us and even distributed extra handouts and held additional revision classes before the exams. I highly recommend IP Learning to anyone who intends to sit the OLQE exams.”

Lawyer at Hong Kong Law Firm, Class of 2010

“I took the IP Learning Course for Head I when I had to re-sit the exam, having
previously attended a course offered by one of the other providers. The IP
Learning course structure is focused on preparing for the exam right from the start
by looking at past exam questions and developing the correct exam technique.
Every student was given attention by the lecturers. IP Learning’s Course is taught
by quality lecturers who explained the legal concepts clearly. I would definitely
recommend that candidates take the course with IP Learning.”

Zoe Leong, Melco Crown Entertainment, Class of 2010

I would definitely recommend IP Learning over Lex Omnibus. The lecturers take
the extra initiative to give you comprehensive feedback when answering your
questions and guide you to the level where you feel confident to sit for the OLQE.
IP Learning not only say that they want you to pass; the lecturers and course
coordinators do everything possible to see to it that you do!

Amita Kaur, Partner at International Law Firm, Class of 2010

Colin Wright's knowledge of the OLQE syllabus is formidable but his real talent is
in taking complex issues and presenting them in a straightforward and digestible
fashion. Colin was always available to give his full support, including adapting his
teaching schedule according to specific difficulties encountered by his candidates
and adding extra seminars. His mock exam, summary materials and exam-oriented
seminars were extremely useful and ensured that I was fully prepared to face the

Ryan C. Troupe, Atkins, Class of 2009

“My attendance at IP Learning’s interactive sessions played an essential role in
ensuring that I passed all five Heads of the OLQE at once - whilst I was working
full time. I found IP Learning’s materials to be very useful in my preparation for
the examination and these were supplemented by the experienced teachers’ insight
into important issues, looked at from an examination perspective. As for any exam
of this type, acquiring the right examination technique is fundamental and the
regular ‘mock tests’ proved very useful in that respect. All this - together with
great teamwork developed with the other candidates attending the same IP
Learning classes - were key factors in my success.”

Rebecca Silli, Gide Loyrette Nouel, Class of 2009

“I would highly recommend IP Learning to anyone wanting to pass the OLQE the
first time around in the most painless way possible. I switched to IP Learning
having started a course offered by another provider and am therefore in a position
to compare the quality of IP Learning’s teaching with that of the competition. Colin
Wright is a highly knowledgeable lecturer who also succeeds in making his
seminars as entertaining as possible – which is particularly welcome when turning
up for class after a hard day's work! The fact that Colin practises in the areas of law
which he teaches gives his seminars the practical edge his competitors lack.
IP Learning provides comprehensive and detailed notes and seminars which gave
me all I needed to pass the exams. IP Learning has also made a highly intelligent
use of modern technology to ensure that the interactive teaching time is used to
maximum effect. It was particularly useful to have recordings of the lectures and
seminars easily available to download from the internet. This meant that I was
able to consolidate my knowledge of the topics in the OLQE syllabus whilst lying
on a beach in Malaysia for two weeks listening to the recordings of Colin's lectures
and interactive problem solving seminars on my iPhone.”

Lincoln Kinley, Tanner De Witt, Class of 2009

“I would whole heartedly recommend IP Learning to anyone preparing to take the OLQE.

I actually changed providers to IP Learning half way through the Course. My only regret is that I didn’t start studying with IP Learning from the very beginning.

IP Learning’s main lecturer, Colin Wright, was absolutely fantastic - he explained complex topics in simple terms and gave us excellent training on how to apply the law to the exam questions. The interactive style of teaching worked brilliantly and we were encouraged to ask questions and give feedback on the topics as we went along.

The course materials were well organised, very detailed and easy to navigate around. The ‘update summary on recent cases’ distributed in advance of the exam, was a godsend, as was the mock exam that was created from scratch by IP Learning and a real challenge/test run. Everyone based at IP Learning was very friendly and always had time for the candidates. What stands out about IP Learning is that they genuinely care and fully support their candidates all the way up to the exam, even holding extra revision classes at weekends when requested. They also contacted us after the exam to see how we had found it, which was a lovely touch.”

Lisa De’Ath, Healthcare Lawyer, Richards Butler, Class of 2009

"A fantastic course! Despite only signing up as a distance learning candidate five weeks before the exam, IP Learning got me up to speed fast and gave me all the support I needed to pass all Heads on the first try."

Robert Williams, Class of 2009

"I started IP Learning’s Course as a distance student at the end of August and sat and passed all Heads less than two and a half months thereafter. While I could simply say “res ipsa loquitur”, I would add that IP Learning’s notes, particularly those for Head III, will be of great use to me as a solicitor in Hong Kong and that I enjoyed the casual but extremely helpful interactive revision sessions."

Caroline Thomas, Class of 2009

“I passed all Heads having studied with IP Learning by distance learning. The lecturers have an engaging style and the seminars were well planned and easy to follow. I particularly valued IP Learning’s summary style notes which provide just the information you need to turn to quickly in the exam. I would thoroughly recommend IP Learning.”

Nigel Sharman, Class of 2009

“You do not have to live in Hong Kong to pass the OLQE. The flexibility of the course offered by IP Learning enabled me to stay at home in Australia whilst I listened to the recorded lectures and email (email Q & A service) any questions I had. The IP Learning team worked tirelessly all the way up until the evening before the exam to address my concerns and to provide suggested solutions to possible exam questions. From the outset of the very first lecture the emphasis was on passing the exam. The interaction between the seminar leaders and the students is very personable. They really do care and given their vast experience know what it takes to get through the OLQE. With the help of the IP Learning Team, I passed. I highly recommend the IP Learning Team to anyone who wishes to pass the OLQE whilst staying at home studying.”

Greg Spain, Australia, Class of 2008

“What stood out for me was the quality of the lecturers including Colin Wright and Connie Carmichael. I am not referring just to their CVs (which are impressive too), but to the sheer intelligence with which IP Learning’s tutors aimed their courses at helping you pass the exams. It was so helpful to be constantly reminded of the ways in which information might be presented in the exams and then, after being encouraged to think through answers first, being given suggested solutions. In tandem with this would be constant tips on how to get ‘easy marks’.

In addition, IP Learning is an all-round smart organization and the design of the whole program maximized my chances of passing. It was nice to see that everybody concerned was pulling in the same direction. The exams were incredibly stressful. I have no doubt that the training in exam technique, assistance and knowledge provided by IP learning were a major factor in me passing all four exams at the first attempt.”

Ian Johnston, Kennedys, Class of 2008

“IP Learning with their all-star teaching team was the major reason I passed all Heads of the OLQE on the first go. Colin Wright is the extremely knowledgeable barrister who goes all out for his students. IP Learning prepared me to face OLQE with utmost confidence. I recommend IP Learning with unreserved enthusiasm.”

Charles Chan, Wilkinson & Grist, Class of 2007

“From the very first day, we were ridiculously pampered (recordings to catch up on missed lectures, course administrators eager to clarify our doubts, comprehensive lecture notes) and well-fed (nice array of snacks to last those lectures). All that was really lacking was a chauffeur to drive us to class.”

Boon Teck Yeo, Herbert Smith, Class of 2006

Colin Wright is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him. His ability
to guide students through the large body of conveyancing law in an easy-to-understand
way is incredibly helpful. This, combined with the thorough and well organised materials and exam preparation sessions, allowed me to approach the examination with confidence. Colin is an engaging presenter and his personal experiences as a barrister brought insight and colour to the course.

Special Counsel at International Law Firm